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Now... who am I? Okay. I am 29, a wife, and a mother to a toddler. I am a doula, and I’m thinking of going to nursing school so that I can have a MARKETABLE JOB SKILL and some actual career security. With benefits. It seems that higher education is not a marketable skill, and means diddley squat when you are looking for a way to pay rent. What else can I say about me? I am called by many friends and family members “earthy crunchy" and things like that. Yeah, yeah, I do happen to like Birkenstocks (cliché, I know, but really, I have been wearing those for years, and personally, I think they are comfortable and versatile. So there!) i have a big 'fro (though sometimes i twist it up), I wear natural fibers, I was also a ovo-vegetarian for years but when I was pregnant, I began to crave meat. Hmmm... I belive in cloth diapering, extended breastfeeding, and we co-sleep. I am a leo, and although I don’t put too much stock in astrology, my personality is absolutely true for my zodiac sign. can i stop typing now?


FAV THINGS TO DO: travelling, reading, spa-ing, playing with my little one, shopping, daydreaming...FAV ARTIST: allison lapper...FAV BOOK: seasons of beento blackbird...FAV MOVIE: steel magnolias...FAV SONG: songbird