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February 01, 2006



Shopping is so very theraputic- can't wait to see pics of Muppett in her new wardrobe! So far the only thing I've really done when EBaby scratches or hits (the baby hits like a MAN his hands are so strong and heavy) is to take his hand and teach him to touch gently. He's been adapting- but sometimes he'll still get me and it hurts! I've been learning quite a bit from the whole Positive Discipline/Gentle Discipline thing(I have a library of the books now) as well to give me other options in discipline.


And I forgot to mention- my favorite place to get bigger onesies is at Burlington Coat Factory. They always have a nice stock of different colors- I could never find the larger sizes anywhere else for the longest time.

Cityslicker mom

I love shopping to. I really need to go, and I can't wait to get some new spring stuff. Ebonymom was right about Burlington Coat factory. That's a great place! I bet muppet looks soooo cute!

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