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February 02, 2006



There is a great company called Dean's Beans that sells wonderful Fair Trade coffee, if you make coffee at home ( Also if you are a chocolate lover thier is an organization called Catholic Relief Services that sells WONDERFULLY DIVINE chocolate. Made from fair trade from coco bean growers in Ghana. I am not Catholic, but this organization does great work, the chocolate is wonderful, I gave it out at Christmas time.


Between the local coffee and the lingering Italian influence, I bet you could get a fabulous latte or cappucino in Ethiopia. I've heard that the best Italian restaurant in the world is in Addis, so why wouldn't they also have fantastic espresso drinks?

If my life was just a little bit different, I could have been in Ethiopia right now. Our employee, who is also our good friend, went home for his sister's wedding in January. He invited us to go with him, but since our business consists of him, me, and my husband, we couldn't ALL go. So sad. I'd love to visit Ethiopia, and going for a friend's family wedding would have been the best possible way to go.

Anyway, I totally agree, if you have to spend half of your Saturday in a classroom, you absolutely deserve a 20-oz high-octane latte.


I've been wanting to try that drink, I just hadn't heard anyone say whether it was really good or not. That'll be the next one I try. Thanks!

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