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February 08, 2006



Just beautiful. There's nothing like that overwhelming love for your child - sometimes it strikes me so deeply it hurts as that love radiates from every iota of my soul and being.

The infertility fact is interesting. I remember searching high and low for a black infertility or even women of color infertility forum or site and they simply don't exist.


Is it not the most wonderful thing ever? I have a 9 year old baby girl that I taught to razzberrie all those years ago who raised my eyes to every moment just for the joy of the "WOW". I remember that so clearly. I was in school for my degree and always so tired but she could make it worth it with the smallest laugh or the softest sigh. And now I have a 7 month old baby girl that was just taught to razzberrie by her older sister and we both get to see the world anew. The only thing more more fun than doing it once has to be watching my baby and my little girl do it together. Good luck to you both.


Wait until she starts complementing you! My four year old daughter tells me all of the time (as if she was sent here just so I would know)that I have the most beautiful eyes. At 4! I don't know if this is something she picked up from daycare but when she says it to me - with such honest conviction - I think nothing has ever sounded more true. And she will be thrilled, in a few short years, when she looks in the mirror and recognizes that she is wearing the very same pair.

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