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April 09, 2006



Yep, you just hold her during take off and landing. If she'll fit, you can put her on your lap and put the seatbelt around both of you. That's what we did.


Yep, just strap her in. I've flown with both my sons and I understand your concern. We all had the same concern. Be safe, take lots of things to keep her occupied, and enjoy the trip! Pray you're sitting around child friendly people!


I know it seems absolutly crazy that you could go to jail for not putting her in a car seat but hundreds of feet above ground you can simply, hold her on your lap.


Yep you just hold her. Both of my boys were lap babies so it was harder when I bought them a seat since the flight attendant would insist that they be in their seat on take off and landing. They'd scream bloody murder instead of sitting nicely strapped in a seat by themselves so the lap thing worked best for us. Make sure to bring a sippy (or nurse) for takeoff and landing, helps the ears just in case they are sensitive.


Dorian's only flights were long ones -- DC to Milan -- at age 15 months. Even if he'd had his own seat (he didn't), I still would have wound up holding him at takeoff and landing, because I was nursing him to help his ears.

The best thing you can do, I think, is try to travel with as many family members as possible, so you can trade her back and forth during the flight. But since you've got the boobies, you'll be the one to hold her as the plane goes up and down. Honestly, I'm not sure what use the flight vest will be... my kid, at least, would have been annoyed to have been strapped to me, and an annoyed strapped-down kid is much noisier than a happy kid going from Mama's lap to Daddy's to Grandma's. Just my assvice, but you asked for it!

It IS worth it to bring her car seat if you'll be doing any traveling by cab or car on the island. The airline will gate-check the car seat and stroller for you, and in the airport you can hook the shoulder straps of the car seat over the handles of the stroller.


summer, i loved you assvice! we will have family on the flight, as well as another baby - my nephew who is 2 - so there will be opportunities for freedom and exploration. i will hopefully be able to pre board to get us settled.

yes, sylvie, it does seem rather odd, and
to everyone else, thanks for the comments and reassurance on something that seems so foreign to me right now!

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