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May 16, 2006



Sweet and sour, just like motherhood.

The few precious cuddles that I get always come with a side order of elbows in my boobs. I've got fibrocystic breasts, they're ALWAYS sore, so those pointy little elbows HURT. But I take it with a smile, because I also get to snuggle up to that impossibly soft skin and get kisses from those perfect little pink lips. One day soon he's going to be a man, and I'm sure that losing my snuggle-baby will hurt way worse than the elbows.


Sweet and Sour just the way I like my chicken too. Hee Hee...

Enjoy the cuddles, muppet loves her momma!

As far as being embarrased in IHOP, it's not the first of last time. I think they know just when to "act a fooh" all up in a restaurant. I "LOOVE" when people STARE too. How not-cool is that! Geez.


I love ihop too. glad you enjoyed it.


tanyetta - just for the record, it was my mil. yeah.

Al's wife

IHop IS THE BEST! I go there for a LOT of the major "eat days" I love the french toast (extra powdered sugar).

Try to put the other embarassing thing out of your head....I know, easier said than done.

The Aitch

lemme guess? MIL?

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