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July 18, 2006



I think you should come up with a standard answer for that question. Maybe let them know that you are looking for general work experience since you are fresh out of school you want to get some experience under your belt.

Zany Mama

Okay, so I hope you really wanted an answer to your question, because I do have some ideas. I have worked with many women with an advanced degree in women's studies and many of my friends...blah, blah, blah(you get my drift).

I don't know if it interests you at all, but I worked in violence against women (sexual assault and domestic violence) for many years and worked with numerous women with women's studies degrees. They did everything from direct advocacy with victims to volunteer coordination to training and administration in those particular fields.

Which makes me think that you would be qualified for work in many social justice fields - anti-poverty work, children's hunger, environmentalism, etc. Many of my friends work in these environments. The pay sucks, but it is a job you can feel good about.

Also, what about a women's health clinic? You could do office management or education with clients until you get your nursing degree.

Have you ever thought about working at a local university? Several of ours here in town have a women student services office and/or a multicultural center where they hire folks with your background.

How about area women's associations: i.e. League of Women Voters, Women's Philanthropic organizations, etc.?

Finally, a really different job someone I know with your background does is edit textbooks for a local publisher. She got the job because she was a good writer - hence the advanced degree - and now she helps them evaluate their texts for sensitivity to diversity issues and sexism.

Okay, I have now written a book on your blog, and since I am not familiar with your particular community, only some or none of this may be useful.

I just wanted to give a few ideas - as well as encouragement. Hang in there!


I second Zany Mama's suggestions. I would suggest non-profits/social service agencies that specialize in serving women.

Another option might be to teach at a local community college, depending on your experience/their requirements.

Good luck!


No advice but many prayers headed your way. I'm about to embark on my first job search in many years now and I'm trying to just focus positively instead of freaking out like I really want to do.

Jenny M

hi I'm Jenny, Before I was a stay at home mom I worked in sales where my degree in Art History helped me... um identify... design... um ok... it did about as much for me then as it does for me now as a stay at home mom. But I did make great money in sales.

Good luck, (at least your degree has a use).

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