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July 30, 2006



I showed my 21 month old son the magazine and he said: Baby Drink--He then made slurping sounds. Priceless. I am shocked that people are even making this into a big deal. The magazine is FREE. Do they want their money back too! CRAZY foke I tell you!
Thanks for this post! You and all the ladies who have posted ROCK!

I still b.feed my 21 month old and I get unsolicited comments that I need to wean that boy! WHATEVER!!!! is what I tell them. ;)


awwwww. so lovely.


I justfound your blog through WetFeet.. Your daughter is gorgeous. :D As a new mom, i'm so happy to see others willing to just whip it out! I've NIP in so many places, I can't even count, and Ruby is only 6 weeks old. It's high time to change this paradigm. Breasts are for babies!

PS. love your posts on diapers! I didn'tknow I shouldn't dry the covers.... They were in the dryer when I read your posts on CD. Oops!! ;)


What beautiful pictures :) Our side of the world really does need to open their eyes to what breasts are actually in existance for- babies!


a friend sent me the article about this craziness...My son is three, but I still went ahead and requested a subscription to the make up for any of the crazy people that decide they just can't take the sight of a woman's body doing what it was made for...I don't have any pictures of my son actually feeding, I would've sent them in...
Muppet looks a little shocked in the last one, like "Why are you taking a picture??? I'm JUST eating, jeez!"
be blessed.


I just love how the baby is looking up at you in that one picture. I don't have any nursing pictures of me or my babes. Those days are gone.


Absolutely beautiful. Right on!

tv izle

Absolutely beautiful. Right on!

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