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October 12, 2006



rutgirl :) glad you're back!


Yea, your mom is doing your bro a huge disservice, but maybe it's saying something-maybe she has more confidence in you being self sufficient and able to stand on your own two feet (huge compliment), and not your brother.
Anyway, I hope all goes well with the move.


Funny how mamas are about there boys. I PRAY that I dont end up like that with Gavin. My mother was almost the same way with my brother, she always said things like I had a better head on my shoulders and didnt need as much help and my brother was more like my dad's side of the family and needed all the help he could get. LOL! So I ended up being pressured into being the more responsible together one, even though I was the youngest. SHe's been coming to her senses lately though.

I hope you are able to find a place and a car. Hey atleast you love your job! That is a PLUS! I am happy for you.

Zany Mama

"but this is a blessing in disguise. i will be able to have peace and be free from all the drama."

I think you're absolutely right, even though it is causing you such stress. It's got to be better for you to be away from all the craziness. Sounds like you'll be doing much moving in the near future - physically and blog wise!

I can't wait to see the new blog - I am terrible at witty, clever blog titles and taglines, so I can't be much help, but I look forward to moving with you to your new place.

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