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August 02, 2006



Other than looking unhappy, I think you're simply beautiful. Have you seen my 'before' pics? *sigh* You can do this, K!

Zany Mama

I second Milenka - you are beautiful and you can do this! Go you!


Okay, so I am at the same point that you are, I weigh a bit less, but need to get to the same weight. How are planning on doing this? I've decided to start eating fish and turkey again (BLAH!!!), hoping that might make it a little easier for me to eat healthy even when I'm out...Let me know what your plans are, maybe we can do this together and keep each other motivated....


How are you doing? Hav eyou joined SparkPeople yet? Also, check out Peertrainer. My user name is kandyk3.

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